Staff List – Isotope Extension

WordPress Plugin – Staff List – Isotope

Staff List Isotope is a Staff List plugin extension for creating tile-based layouts with dynamic filtering of content right in the browser. Responsive grid layouts work great on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android.
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Staff List – Isotope vs Standard Layouts

Standard Layouts

  • Only modern CSS is used. No JavaScript.
  • Layouts: List, Grid A and Grid B.
  • Category and AZ menus.
  • Advanced filtering options with multi filters.
  • Paging option. Work well with large number of records.

Isotope Layouts

  • Use JavaScript to create grid lyouts.
  • List layout not available. Grid A and Grid B only.
  • Category and AZ menus.
  • No multi filters.
  • No paging option.