Links to a Single Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List -Links to a Single Page

When you open single page directly it won’t show any content. To populate it with staff member data you’ll need a hyperlink with a query string appended to the URL.

Single Page, no content.
Single Page with staff member data.
/?smid=2402 and /john-smith are the query strings that tell WordPress what data to show on a single page.
  • Open a Staff Member record > Images tab.
  • Enter SP in Image Link field.
  • In your Staff Template create a field: Hyperlink with Static Text.
  • Go to Field Labels > Link Static Text.
  • Enter: Profile, More … or any other text you want to use for a link.
  • In Field Label (href) enter: Single Page URL.
  • In Field Display Options > Show On select: Staff Page.
  • Save
  • Open a Staff Member record, Staff Page tab.
  • Enter SP in a field: Single Page URL.

How to open a Single Page

  1. Open Staff List.
  2. Click on the image or single page text link.