Staff Template – Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template – Fields

There are no content specific fields like: name, address, zip, phone, etc.

You create a field by selecting a field’s type: text, hyperlink, email, etc.

The field’s type determines what kind of data the field can store.

Add a New Field

  • Select a field type and click Publish/Update.
  • Once created the field type can’t be changed!
  • There are no default fields.
  • All fields have to be added to a Staff Template.
  • You can have up to 20 fields.
  • You don’t have to create fields in a specific order.
  • You can reorder fields anytime.

Deleting a Field

  • You can delete a field anytime.
  • Deleting a field also deletes all data entered in that field.
  • To preserve data you can hide a field instead of deleting it.

How to Delete a Field

Field > Field Display Options > Hide/Delete > Delete Field.