Choosing a Field Type

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template – Choosing a Field Type

  • Template has no default fields.
  • All fields have to be added to the template.
  • You can have up to 40 fields.
  • There are no content specific fields like: name, address, zip, phone, etc.
  • The fields are of a generic type: text, hyperlink, email, etc.
  • The field’s type determines the kind of data it can store.
Selecting a field type is the most important part of the design process. Visual effects like fonts, margins, field order or even the layout can be modified anytime.
Once created the field type can’t be changed!.
You can always add a new field and choose a different data type but there is no option to transfer data between fields. Please make sure all the field types will fit your requirements before adding any production data.

Field Types

Field Type Description
Name Multipart
  • Has four parts. Recommended for person name: first, middle, last, suffix, etc.
  • Shows all content as a single line.
  • You can display individual parts in different order on staff and single pages.
Single Line Text
  • Job title.
  • Department name.
  • Phone number.
Paragraph Text
  • Use this field for a longer text input.
  • Like Single Line Text accepts most of HTML tags, but provides more room for data entry.
  • HTML manual entry only. No visual editing.
  • Won’t retain formatting when copy and paste from other applications.
Text Editor
  • A longer text input requiring multiple paragraphs and other custom formatting.
  • Field uses TinyMCE editor with both Visual and Text options available.
  • May retain some of the formatting when copy and paste from other applications.
Drop-Down List
  • It’s useful when you need to keep your data consistent and standardized.
  • Phone number.
  • Text hyperlink.
  • Can be used for any internal or external link.
  • Has an option to open in a new page or tab.
Hyperlink with Static Text
  • Hyperlinks that require description label.
  • Label is the same for all records.
  • Label is displayed on the same line as the hyperlink.
  • Text link. Opens email client.
  • Social icon can be used instead of email field type.
Static Label & Text
  • Any kind of short data entry that requires a label e.g. Phone: 098-765-4321
  • Label is displayed on the same line as data entry.
  • The same label will show up on all records.
Static Text
  • Can be used as section header.
  • Can be linked to other fields and hidden if linked fields contain no data.
Horizontal Line
  • Horizontal line (divider) between field sections.
  • Easy to customize. Use build in (custom CSS) or your own custom styles.
Single Page Text Link
  • Simple way to create text hyperlink to a single page.
  • Only one field of this type can be added to a template.
  • Located in: Template Options > Single Page Options > Single Page Text Link.
  • You do not create this field but turn it On/Off (Show Link: Yes/No).
  • Behaves as any other field. Can be styled and ordered.