Pro Version Overview

WordPress Plugin Grid Gallery With Custom Links – Pro Version Overview

Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that displays images in a grid.

If you have a WordPress gallery of images and need to link them to other pages this plugin is for you!

  • Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • Responsive.
  • You can insert the gallery shortcode into any page or post.
  • You can add custom links, captions and long description.

With the Grid Gallery you can easily add elegant navigation options to any theme.

Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro plugin is compatible with multisite.




Perfect plugin to create:
  • Categories page
  • Sponsors page.
  • Portfolio page
  • Recipes page
  • Products page
  • Restaurant menu page
  • File downloads page
  • Navigation page
  • External links page



  • Responsive when used with responsive themes.
  • Easy to add to any page or post. Just insert a shortcode.
  • Not limited to thumbnails. You can select any image size from your Media Library.
  • Integrated with Media Library. It uses WordPress gallery for upload and image management.
  • Images can have different sizes.
  • You can add captions and long descripton.
  • You can add borders, fade and other visual effects.
  • You can attach a hyperlink to an image and a caption.
  • You can track clicks on outbound links.
  • You can add Google Analytics' Event Tracking or any other custom script.
  • You have 3 text layouts to choose from.
  • You can add frames, drop shadows and other visual effects.
  • Highly customizable from the back-end.  For full control you can add custom CSS.
  • Unlimited number of images. Add as many images as you wish.
  • Support for multiple Grid Galleries on a single page.
  • Cross-fade on hover.
  • Free updates.
  • Free support.
  • Always tested with the latest version of WordPress.