Metadata Processing

WordPress Plugin Image Collections Pro – Metadata Processing

Metadata processing steps:

  1. Extract all metadata from an image and save to database.
  2. Parse saved metadata and copy to Keywords, GPS and other tables.

Step 1: Executed by the upload process.

All metadata is saved as multi-dimensional array. Options > Save Image Metadata option has to be selected.

Step 2: Executed by the user in the Meatadata tab.

Only metadata selected on the options screen is normalized and copied to other tables.


Metadata is stripped out by the WordPress image resizer.

Image Collection plugin uses WordPress image resizer to resize images. The resizer creates new images from the original, and strips out all EXIF and IPTC metadata.

Our plugin extracts all metadata and saves it to the database, but does not appends it back to the resized images.


How to preserve metadata.

There is no option to preserve image metadata for resized images. However, when the Large image is saved as is, metadata is not removed. Note that the original image is not modified in any way.

To keep metadata included in the image header:

  • Resize image in Photoshop or other image processing program.
  • Save image forWeb. Select Metadata: All.
  • On Image Collections Options screen uncheck Resize Images on Upload for Large images.
  • On Image Collections Options screen uncheck Save Originals.
  • Upload images.

Your Large images will be uploded as is, and will keep all the metadata. Metadata will be stripped from Medium size and Thumbnails.