Quick Start

WordPress Plugin Image Collections Pro – Quick Start

  • Read and follow installation instructions: Installation.
  • Create a new Collection.
  • Customize collection options.
  • Upload images.
  • Preview images.
  • Sort images.
Collection = set of images stored in a separate folder.


2. Create a New Collection

  • Go to Image Collections > Add New.
  • Enter collection name.
  • Click Save.
  • Collection screen will open.


3. Customize upload options.

Review and change options before uploading any images.
  • Click Options tab if not already opened.
  • Check and change options as needed.
  • Click Save.
  collection options


4. Upload images.

Upload a few test images. Accepted file formats: JPG, GIF, PNG.
  • Click tab Image Uploader.
  • Click Select Files.
  • Select a few test images.
  • Click Upload Images.
  • Upload will start. Wait until all images are uploaded.


Upload in progress. Do not close browser window until all images are processed. how-to-select-wordpress-grid-gallery-image-size


5. Preview images.

  • Click Published tab.
  • Preview thumbs.
  • Preview images.
wodpress-plugin-image-collection-publishes   In the Published section you can:
  • Preview images and thumbs.
  • Apply bulk actions.
  • Custom crop thumbnails.
  • Add image title, captions, links and other text.


6. Sort images.

  • Click tab Sort Order.
  • Click and drag an image to a new location.
  • Repeat for other images you want to reorder.
  • Click Update Sort Order.