Add a Menu to a Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – How to Add Menu to a Page

Menu Options

  1. One Template – One Menu.
  2. One Template – Many Menus.

How to Add a Menu to a Page

This option limits menus to a single one per staff template.
  1. Template Options > Menu.
  2. Select a menu from the dropdown.
  3. Save.
  4. Open a Staff List web page to preview and test the menu.

Add Different Menus to Different Pages

Follow the steps below to have a single template with multiple menus.
1. Template Options – Menu
  • Select “- – -” from the dropdown.
  • Enter no records message.
  • Open one of the menus (Category, AZ or Multi Filter).
  • Go to: Menu > Shortcode.
  • Copy menu-id shortcode parameter.
3. Page – Staff List Shortcode
  • Open a page for edit.
  • Add the menu-id shortcode parameter to the staff shortcode.
Repeat the above steps for the other pages and menus.

One Template two Menus (Deprecated!)

This method has been deprecated. It’s kept for backward compatibility but may be removed in the future. Documentation