WordPress Plugin Staff List – FAQs

How to open a link in a new tab or window.

Add prefix NT to the URL. There should be a space between NT and the URL.
Example: NT https://abcfolio.com/
For single page links (SP) use the same prefix: NT SP.

How to make images of the same size.

In a responsive layout images are resized to fit the container. They are not upsized or cropped. To show images uniform in size they need to have the same dimensions or an aspect ratio.

You can use media editor or any other graphic application for that purpose.

How to center text.

See: CSS Alignment.

Single page doesn’t work.

Check all the required steps: How to Create a Single Page.

It’s a built-in link to a single page. You can easily remove it by setting Show Link to No.

Template Options > Single Page Options > Single Page Text Link > Show Link

How to display staff members in a random order?

Yes, see: Shortcodes > Random Option.

How to create hyperlink to call phone number on mobile devices?

  • Field type Hyperlink.
  • URL: tel:18888888888
  • Text: 1-888-888-8888

​​Slug ​​doesn’t exist.

Categories menu shows error: Slug ​​doesn’t exist: slug name.

  1. ​Category ​doesn’t exist.
  2. Slug name has been misspelled.
  3. There are no items assigned to the category.

I’m unable to use automatic updating through WordPress.

Valid license key is required for automatic updates to work. License Key Request.