Filters and Menus

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Category and A-Z Menus

Categories Menu

  • You can assign categories to Staff Member records.
  • You can filter staff list by category.
  • Staff List Pro includes build-in extension for creating Category Menus.

A-Z Menu

  • You can filter staff records by the first letter of a text field.
  • You can apply filter to: Single Line Text, Multipart or Sort Text fields.
  • Staff List Pro includes build-in extension for creating A-Z Menus.

How to add Menu to a Page

  1. Create Categories or A-Z Menu.
  2. Go to: Staff Template > Template Options > Menu
  3. Select menu you’ve just created from a drop-down list.
  4. Save the template.
  5. Open and preview the page (page with the staff template shortcode).

Live Preview

Categories Menu.

A-Z Menu.

One Template two Menus

You can have one page with the Category Menu and another page with the A-Z Menu. Both pages can use the same template and filter the same set of records.

  1. Create Category Menu
  2. Create A-Z Menu
  3. Create a page A for Categories Menu
  4. Create a page B for A-Z Menu
  5. Add Category Menu shortcode to page A.
  6. Add A-Z Menu shortcode to page B.
  7. Add Staff Template shortcode to page A.
  8. Add Staff Template shortcode to page B.
  9. Go to: Staff Template > Layout Staff > Menu
  10. Select Shortcode as a menu.
  11. Open and test pages A and B.

Live Preview – One Template two Menus

Categories Menu

AZ Menu