Staff Member Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Single Page

  • Staff Member page displays data of a single Staff Member.
  • Staff Member page is optional.
  • Staff Member page has two columns: image left, text right.
  • Staff Member page is the dynamic page populated on the fly, so only one page is needed to display all staff members’ records.


  • There is no separate template for a Staff Member page. Both Staff List and Staff Member share the same template.
  • To activate Staff Member page go to: Staff Template > Options > Single Staff Layout and select Yes from the drop-down list.
  • There is no separate screen for selecting input fields for a Staff Member page . Both Staff List and Staff Member share the same template.
  • When you add a field you can choose the page the field will be displayed on: Staff List, Staff Member or Both: Field Display Options > Show Field On.

Data Entry

  • Both Staff List and Staff Member pages use the same data entry screen: Staff Member.
  • To set the order in which the fields are displayed go to: Template > Options > Field order

How to Create a Single Staff Page

  • Open a template.
  • Go to: Options > Shortcode tab >How to publish Staff pages > Single Staff Page
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Make sure that the field Staff Member Page URL contains the URL of the single staff page you’ve just created.
  • Check the link by pasting it into your browser address window. It should open a blank (unpopulated) page.

The link you’ve just tested points to a blank page. To populate the page with data the plugin appends a query string to this link. You don’t need to create those links manually because the plugin creates them automatically.

How to Create Links to a Single Staff Page

  • To create a link to the Single Page enter SP in the URL field.
  • To link an image enter SP in the Image Link field.
  • To add a text link create a hyperlink field and enter SP as the URL.

The plugin has a built-in procedure that replaces the SP placeholder with the proper URL.

Links Example

Link to an unpopulated page:
Link to the same page populated with the Staff Member data.

The first link is saved to the template as Staff Member Page URL. The second one is created dynamically when you enter SP as the URL on Staff Member screen.