Field Options

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Template – Field Options

Required Options

  • Field Label
  • Show Field On
  • Hide/Delete
  • Field HTML Tag

Field Label

A label provides a data entry person the information about the data to enter. The label is displayed above the input field. You can also add the field description to provide additional instructions.

Show Field On

Select the page type to display a field on:

  • Staff Page + Single Page. The field content is displayed on both page types.
  • Staff Page. The field content is displayed only on staff page (grid or list).
  • Single Page. The field content is displayed only on a single page.


  • No. Default. Field shows up on a page.
  • Hide. The field content doesn’t show up on a page. Existing data is not deleted. Data can be updated and used for a filter.
  • Delete Field. Both the field and all data entered in the field are deleted.

Field HTML Tag

The field content displayed on a page is enclosed within the HTML tag. Select the tag to use.

Font & Margins

You can use these options to easily override the default settings used by your theme.

Custom Styles

To take a full control of your presentation you can add custom CSS classes or in line styles. Documentation.