WordPress Plugin Staff List – Options – Shortcode

To add staff list to any page or post – just insert a shortcode.

The shortcode section contains step-by-step instructions on how to display staff list or single staff record on a page.

Shortcode – Master Option

You can use multiple templates with the same set of staff member records.

  1. Create a template. This is going to be your MASTER template.
  2. Add staff members.
  3. There is no template type: master. Any template that has set of staff members attached to it can be used as a master template.
  4. Create another template. This is going to be your LAYOUT template.
  5. Do not add any staff member records to this template.
  6. Add fields to the layout template.
  7. Field IDs and datatypes must much the master template. If the master has field F1 Single Line Text you need to add the same field to the layout template.
  8. You don’t have to add all fields, just the one you need.
  9. You’ll use the master template to add, delete or update staff member records.

To display the layout template add option master to the shortcode.