Step-by-Step Instructions

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Create Staff Template

  • Go to: Admin Bar > Staff List > Staff Templates
  • Click: Add New
  • Enter template title
  • Go to: Template Options > Staff List Layout
  • Select List or Grid layout type.
  • Go to: Options > Single Layout
  • Select Yes to add a Single Staff Member Page.
  • Click Publish

Single Staff Member Page is optional. If you don’t need it disregard all instructions concerning the single staff member page.

2. Add Input Fields

  • Go to: Input Fields
  • Click tab  F1 
  • Select field type.
  • Click Update
  • Add Field Label
  • Click Update

Once created the field type can’t be changed.

3. Set Field Options

  • Field Label: Enter text of the field label. This is the name the user will see when filling out the form.
  • Show On: Select the page type you want to display the field on.
  • Field HTML Tag: What HTML tag to use to display the field content.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create all other fields.

Now you are ready to start adding staff member records.

4. Add Staff Member

  • Click: Admin Bar > Staff List > Staff Members
  • Click: Add New
  • Enter staff member record title.
  • Go to: Staff Template
  • Select the template you’ve created in step 1.
  • Click Publish

5. Add Staff Member Content

The fields you’ve defined in the template are displayed on Staff Members form.

  • Enter the data for each field.
  • Click Update

6. Display staff members on your website.

  • Open the template you have created in step 1.
  • Go to: Template Options > Shortcode.
  • Follow the instructions: How to Create and Publish Staff pages.

7. Customize the Template

You can customize the look and feel of your web pages by adding custom styles and setting other options. Go to:

  • Template Options > Custom Styles to change display properties of Staff List sections.
  • Input Fields to customize individual fields.
  • Template Options > Field Order - Staff to change order of fields on staff list or grid pages.
  • Template Options > Field Order - Single to change order of fields on single staff member page.
  • Template Options > Staff Order to change order in which individual records are displayed.