Single Page Input Fields

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Single Page Input Fields

  • A template has only one set of fields.
  • A field can be shown on: staff page, single page or both.
  • Each field has a section: Field Display Options.
  • To choose on what page type to display a field go to: Field Display Options > Show On.
  • You can change the field location at any time.

Show On

Select a page type to show the field on:
  • Staff Page. The field is displayed on staff page (grid or list).
  • Single Page. The field is displayed on a single page.
  • Staff Page + Single Page. The field is displayed on both page types.


  • No. Default. Field shows up on a page.
  • Hide. The field doesn’t show up on the front end. Data can be updated and used for a filter.
  • Delete Field. Both the field and all data entered in the field are deleted.

Single Page – Field Location