Staff List

WordPress Plugin to manage your staff, faculty or team members.

Responsive. Three responsive layouts: List, Grid A and Grid B.
Templates. Complete control over the number and type of data fields.
Customization. Easy way to match the look and feel of your website.
Single Page. Shows detailed profile of individual staff members.
Flexible. Works well with small and large number of records.

Staff Search

Staff Search - advanced search extension to Staff List plugin.

Table view. Displays staff data in tabular form.
Table options. Sorting, paging and filtering.
Multi Filters. Add advanced search options to any staff list page.
Multi Filter options. Categories, A-Z, custom dropdown, text search.

Staff List CSV

Staff List CSV - import/export extension to Staff List plugin.

CSV Import. Imports staff records from any spreadsheet application.
CSV Export. Exports staff member records to a spreadsheet or a CSV file.
Backup. Backs up templates and member records to a CSV file.

Live Previews & Documentation

Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

WordPress Plugin - Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

  • Responsive grid of images.
  • Each image can have a custom link.
  • You can add captions and custom links to all images.
  • Custom styles to create uniform look and feel that matches your website.