All plugins have been discontinued.
Premium support and free updates are still available for all existing customers.
Staff List Pro and plugin extensions will be maintained and tested against the newest version of WP.
No new features are planned, only bug fixes.
On line docs are updated as needed.

Staff List Pro

WordPress Plugin to manage your staff, faculty or team members.

Responsive. Three responsive layouts: List, Grid A and Grid B.
Templates. Complete control over the number and type of data fields.
Customization. Easy way to match the look and feel of your website.
Single Page. Shows detailed profile of individual staff members.
Filters. Categories and A-Z menus.

Staff List Pro – Premium Plugin Extensions

Staff List Search

Staff List Search - extension (add-on) for Staff List Pro.

Advanced search. Add advanced search options to staff list pages.
Multi filters. Up to six filters: categories, A-Z, text search and more.
Display options. Search menu or search form view.
Flexible. Works with any of the Staff List templates.

Staff List Table

Staff List Table - extension (add-on) for Staff List Pro.

Displays staff records in a tabular format.
Advanced tables. Sorting, paging and filtering.
Instant search. Filter results by text search.
Mobile friendly. Tables adapt to the viewport size.
Menus and filters. Categories, A-Z, and other menus.

Staff List CSV

Staff List CSV - extension (add-on) for Staff List Pro.

CSV Import. Import staff records from any spreadsheet application.
CSV Export. Export staff member records to a spreadsheet or a CSV file.
Backup. Back up or move Staff List templates.
Dedicated plugin extension to import/export CSV files.
wordpress plugin staff list upcoming birthdays and anniversaries

Staff List Birthdays & Anniversaries

Staff List Birthdays - extension (add-on) for Staff List Pro.

Upcoming birthdays.
Upcoming anniversaries.
Newly hired employees.
Custom plugin extension to create and show recurring events.