License Key

WordPress Plugin Staff List – License Key

Plugin you’ve purchased and installed is fully functional with access to all the features.
You can review and test out the software in its entirety before requesting a license key.
Plugin will work without a license key.
All features are available without the license key.
License key is required only for automated updates.
License key is NOT required for premium support.
Please read carefully and review the Terms and Conditions and specifically Refunds section before requesting your license key.
Refunds are not available after you have requested and received the License Key
Staff List Pro plugin and plugin extensions use different license keys. Please request each of them separately.

How to add the License Key.

License key is required for automated updates.
Each of the plugin extensions has it’s own admin section including the license key page.

Instructions for filling out the License Key form.

Default: License Key Request
Your email address.
Support requests sent from this address won’t require the license key.
Plugin Name
Required. Select from a drop-down.
Purchase Date
Calendar control may not work as expected in older browsers. If you have any issues with this field, disregard it and enter the purchase date in comments.
Purchase Email
Required. Email address used to purchase the plugin.
To identify the purchase, we’ll need both transaction date and the email address.
Production Site URL
The license key can be activated only on a single production site.
Development or Staging Site URL
License activation will not count against the activation limit on a development site. This is to allow you to activate your license key on a development or staging site.
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