Text Fields

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

In the Fields section of the template you create data entry fields.

There are no default fields. All fields are created as custom fields.

You create a field by selecting the field data type.

Next, you customize the field by adding the field label and a description.

You can also choose: font, margin, custom class and style.

Fields created in the template are displayed on Gallery Item data entry screen.

  • Once selected the field type cannot be changed!
  • You can have up to 10 fields (captions).
  • Free version has only one caption.
  • You can add a new field anytime.
  • You can reorder fields anytime.
  • You can change field font and other visual properties anytime.

Field Types

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Hyperlink
  • Email
  • HTML

Free version of the plugin has only one field type: Single Line Text.

Field Options

  • HTML Tag. What HTML tag to use to display field content on a web page.
  • Font. Font size and weight. Other font settings are determined by your theme.
  • Top Margin.
  • Custom CSS Class.
  • Custom Inline Style.
  • Field Label. The field title the user will see when filling out the form.
  • Field Description. Provides the user some direction on how the field should be filled out.

Deleting a Field

  • You can delete a field anytime.
  • Deleting a field also deletes all data entered in that field.
  • To preserve data you can hide a field instead of deleting it.

How to Delete a Field

  1. Go to Hide/Delete
  2. Select Delete Field
  3. Click Update