Image Alt and Title

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links – Alt and Title

Alt and Title Tags

You have the full control over Alt and Title tags. You can:
  • Use WordPress Media Library as the source of data for both tags.
  • Replace Media Library values with your custom entries.
  • Render Alt tag as empty.
  • Don’t render Title tag.
Note: the terms “alt tag” or “title tag” are commonly used abbreviations of what actually are attributes of an img tag.
When selecting an image, Alt Text and Title will be copied from WordPress Media Library into matching fields.

Custom Alt and Title

Just enter your custom text and click Update.

Empty Alt Tag

  • Alt attribute is always added to the image tag.
  • If you want to render an empty Alt, enter NONE as a field value.
  • If the field is left blank Grid Gallery will query Media Library for Alt Text.
  • For best performance, always have Alt Tag field populated.
Alt attribute is required – it’s always added whether it’s empty or has text.

Empty Title Tag

  • Title attribute is optional.
  • You can leave the field empty or enter NONE.

LIB Option

If you always want to use Media Library as the source of Alt and Title tags, enter LIB in the corresponding fields.
For performance reasons this option is not recommended.