Image Links

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

Image Links (Hyperlinks)

  • You can add local links or links to the external web pages.
  • Links can be specified with absolute or relative URLs.
  • You can create links to a section of the html page (bookmark or anchor).
  • Gallery item can have both image and text hyperlinks.

Link Options

With Grid Gallery you can easily include target, rel and other HTML5 hyperlink attributes.
You can also add JavaScript code snippets to onClick event. This gives you a simple way to set up event tracking with Google Analytics.

Open a Link in a New Tab

To open a link in a new tab, add prefix NT to the URL. There should be a space between NT and the URL.
Example:  NT 
The prefix creates target attribute:  target="_blank" .
To use other values for a target enter  target="myValue"  in the Link Attribute field.

Link Attributes

You can add nofollow and other hyperlink attributes.
Example: rel="nofollow"
You can add multiple attributes and attributes with multiple values. Grid Gallery won’t validate, format or fix the syntax. Content of the attributes field will be rendered as is.

Link onClick JS

You can add code snippets to onClick event.
Example of the tracking code for Universal Analytics using analytics.js:
ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘category’, ‘action’, ‘label’, value, {‘NonInteraction’: 1});
Grid Gallery won’t check, format or fix the syntax. Content will be rendered as is inside of the onclick event attribute  onclick="my snippet"