Text Links

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

Text Links (Hyperlinks)

Grid Gallery can have both image and text hyperlinks. Text links can share the same URL and options with image hyperlinks. You can also add text links that point to a different web address.
  • You can add local links or links to the external web pages.
  • Links can be specified with absolute or relative URLs.
  • You can create links to section of the html page (bookmark or anchor).
To create a text link go to Grid Gallery template and add field type: Hyperlink.

Shared Links

Text Link with the Same Web Address as an Image Link:
  • Go to gallery item, text fields section.
  • Scroll to text hyperlink field.
  • Text. Enter the link text.
  • URL. Enter IL as a field vale.
When using the shared links the image link settings is used to render the text hyperlink.

Other Text Links

You can also add standard hyperlink fields.
To have the link open in a new tab, add prefix NT to the URL. There should be a space between NT and the URL.
Example:  NT https://abcfolio.com/ 
New tab is the only attribute available for standard hyperlinks.