WordPress Plugin Staff List – Errors

Once a while a client reports that one of the features of the plugin doesn’t work as expected. Usually the issue falls into two categories:
  1. We’re able to reproduce an error.
  2. The error can’t be reproduce on our side..
One a while our clients report that one of the features of our plugins don’t work as expected. Usually the issue can be categorized as:
  1. Incorrect or missing settings.
  2. Plugin errors.
  3. Theme or plugin conflict.
  4. Non standard installation of WordPress.
  5. Script or server errors on client’s server.

Incorrect or missing settings.

Most of the reported issues can be placed in this category.
Some of the options provided by the plugin have to be set correctly for the plugin to work as expected. We provide a detailed documentation and working examples but sometimes the client needs some extra help.
We’re always happy to to offer an assistance but expect to have the issue described in detail and often may ask for a couple of screenshots.
Extensive help like creating or customizing a template may require granting temporary access to the plugin’s admin area.

Plugin errors.

It rarely happens but when it does we usually can fix it and release an update in a couple of hours. To do that we have to be able to reproduce an error or get the error message from the user.

Non standard installation of WordPress

We came across a few instances where custom WordPress installation caused some unusual and hard to pinpoint behavior. In such cases turning wp debug on and analyzing the PHP error logs is a must. Sometimes we may be able to point you in the right direction but can’t fix the problem.
We’re glad to investigate such occurences and

PHP Errors, Warnings, and Notices