One Template two Menus

WordPress Plugin Staff List – One Template two Menus

This method has been deprecated. It’s kept for backward compatibility but may be removed in the future. Please use Add Different Menus to Different Pages instead.

One Template two Menus

You can have one page with the Category Menu and another page with the A-Z Menu. Both pages can use the same template and filter the same set of records.

  1. Create Category Menu
  2. Create A-Z Menu
  3. Create a page A for Categories Menu
  4. Create a page B for A-Z Menu
  5. Add Category Menu shortcode to page A.
  6. Add A-Z Menu shortcode to page B.
  7. Add Staff Template shortcode to page A.
  8. Add Staff Template shortcode to page B.
  9. Go to: Staff Template > Layout Staff > Menu
  10. Select Shortcode as a menu.
  11. Open and test pages A and B.

Live Preview – One Template two Menus

Categories Menu

AZ Menu