WordPress Plugin Staff List – Prefixes

Staff List – Custom CSS Class

Different Classes for Staff Page and Single Page
You can add class prefixes to apply different custom styles to Staff Page and Single Page.
Prefix is not a part of the class name. It is used by the program as an indicator of the page type to apply the custom class to.
  • lst_myClass2 prefix lst_ is removed and myClass2 is added to a Staff Page
  • spg_myClass3 prefix spg_ is removed and myClass3 is added to a Single Page.
Custom CSS Class Prefixes

Staff Member – Link an image to a Single Page.

To create an image link to built-in Single Page:
  • Go to: Image > Image Link
  • Enter: SP

Staff Member – Open image link in a new tab.

To open a link in a new tab, add prefix NT to the link. There should be a space between NT and the URL. Example: NT SP
Instead of using built-in single page link, you can use a standard hyperlink field.
  1. Go to: Input Fields > Add a New Field.
  2. Create the hyperlink field.
  3. On staff member form enter SP as an URL.

Staff List Search – Custom Classes #

Most of the search form sections and controls can be customized by providing custom classes. You can do it by overwriting Staff List Search formatting or by appending your own classes.
Search Form Template > Layout > Custom Class
To replace built-in classes with your own:
To append custom classes to the Staff List Search classes:
The sls + space prefix is required for merging search and custom class definitions.