Table Conversion

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Options – Shortcodes

You can convert A and C tables created in Staff Search plugin to the new format used by Staff List Table.

Conversion Steps

  1. Go to Staff List Table > Admin > Table Converter
  2. Select the table to convert.
  3. New shortcode will be dispalyed.
  4. Copy the shortcode.
  5. Click button: Convert to Staff List Table.
  6. Open the page where you’ve the old Staff Search shortcode.
  7. Replace the shortcode with the new version.
  8. Save the page.
  9. Open the page for preview. You should see the new table looking exactly like the old one.
Old and new shortcode examples:

Staff Search plugin – Deactivate, Delete

Staff Search plugin has been replaced by two new plugins:
  • Staff List Search
  • Staff List Table
Converting two distinct modules of Staff Search into separate plugins will speed up the updates and development of the new features.
Customers who purchased Staff Search plugin can contact us to receive both new plugins free of charge. Premium support will be also provided for next 12 months.