New Plugins

abcFolio – New Plugins

Staff Search Plugin – Now Two Plugins

Staff Search plugin has been replaced with two new plugins:
  • Staff List Search
  • Staff List Table
Splitting two distinct modules of Staff Search into separate plugins will speed up the development and implementation of the new features.
Customers who have purchased Staff Search plugin can contact us to receive both new plugins free of charge.

General Remarks

  • Below you’ll find detailed instructions on how to replace the Staff Search plugin.
  • Your data is safe. Deleting the Staff Search plugin won’t delete any data.
  • Please contact us if you’re not sure how to proceed.

New Plugins – Installation

Have you created any tables ( Staff Search > Table A or C )?
  1. Yes.   Proceed to Table Conversion.
  2. No.   Proceed to Staff List Search – Installation.

Table Conversion

The old Staff Search and the new Staff List Table plugins need to be installed and active at the same time. Please DO NOT deactivate the Staff Search plugin yet!
Conversion procedure won’t delete or modify your data. It’s a two step process:
  1. Converting post type (automated).
  2. Updating the shortcode (manual).

Table Conversion Step-by-step

  1. Install plugin Staff List Table.
  2. Go to Staff List Table > Admin > Table Converter.
  3. Select the table to convert.
  4. New shortcode will be displayed.
  5. Copy the shortcode. Save it, you’re going to need it shortly.
  6. Click “Convert to Staff List Table” button.
  7. You should see the confirmation message.
  8. Open the page with the old Staff Search shortcode.
  9. Replace the shortcode with the new version.
  10. Save the page.
  11. Open the page for preview. You should see the table looking exactly like it used to.
Old and New Shortcode Examples:

Staff List Search – Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  2. Deactivate Staff Search.
  3. Install Staff List Search.
  4. Activate Staff List Search.
  5. Test all pages that use Staff Search shortcode.
  6. If you see any issues please contact us.
  7. No issues – delete Staff Search.