Tips for Submitting a Support Request

WordPress Plugins – Support Requests

How to submit a support ticket to have your feedback addressed and resolved as quickly as possible.
Questions concerning the free plugins:
Please, complete the forms with all necessary information.

Premium support requests.

One-on-one, premium email support begins the date of purchase and ends 12 months past that date.
Initial ticket:
  1. Use the support form:
  2. The initial ticket has to include the license key or email used to make a payment.
  3. License key is not required. The email used to make a payment will do.
  4. Consecutive support requests, with the same email address won’t require such information.
Further support requests:
  1. Use our email address instead of the web form for any future inquiries.
  2. You don’t have to create a password protected account for premium support. Just use the same email.
  3. Always include a link to the page you have an issue on.
Support inquiries:
  1. Please make sure the email subject matches the question asked!
  2. Do not reply with unrelated issues. Create a new email to ask another question.
  3. One question per email please. Multiple questions are acceptable if they are related.
Support questions:
  1. Questions concerning layout, formatting or page content have to include a link to the live page.
  2. Be specific. Describe what it is you are attempting to do. We’d like to know exactly what is happening so we can more effectively address your question.
  3. Always include a link to the page or pages you have an issue on.
  4. Attach the screenshot or screenshots – it may help to speed up the answer.
  5. Please provide the plugin version. WordPress and PHP versions may be also helpful.
  6. For complex issues, you may want to create and provide temporary login credentials.