WordPress Plugin Andora Lightbox – Options

You can use built-in options to adjust Grid Gallery position and space between images.

For full control over fonts, colors, and other visual effects you can add custom CSS file.


Grid Container Options

  • Grid Container – Width.
  • Grid Container – Top Margin.
  • Grid Container – Left Margin.


Grid Items Options

  • Left & Right Margins.
  • Top Margins.

Accepted values: pixels, percentage, em.


Custom Stylesheet

If you want to modify the default styles you can easily do so in an upgrade-safe manner by creating a custom CSS file.

  1. If it doesn’t already exist, create a folder in your uploads directory and name it abcfolio.
  2. In the abcfolio folder create a new CSS file and name it andora-lightbox.css.
  3. Add your custom CSS to this file.

When done the plugin will load your custom CSS.