WordPress Plugin Grid Gallery With Custom Links – Crossfade

Crossfade is the gradual transition from one image to another.


How to create a crossfade effect

Crossfade uses two images: a top image and a bottom image. 

The bottom image is visible only on mouseover, the top one is displayed the rest of the time.

  • Create a set of 2 images. Images need to be of identical dimensions (W x H).
  • Create a Grid Gallery, WordPress gallery, upload images.
  • In WordPress gallery > Edit Gallery screen select the top image.
  • Go to Gallery Settings > Set Number.
  • Enter 1.
  • Add hyperlink and other options.
  • Select the bottom image.
  • Go to Set Number.
  • Enter 2.
  • Do not add hyperlink or other options.
  • Click Update Gallery.
  • Update Grid Gallery, add shortcode to a page or post, preview.

Check Live Previews for Crossfade demo.


I can’t find Set Number setting and therefore can’t order the images

Install and activate Media Library Custom Fields plugin. This plugin provides the Set No field you are looking for. The field is hidden by default.  Make it visible.

See documentation for more info: