WordPress Plugin Grid Gallery With Custom Links – FAQ

How to add new images to the Grid Gallery.

Grid Gallery with Custom Links uses WordPress Gallery to store and maintain images.

  • From the Grid Gallery with Custom Links screen, click Edit WordPress Gallery button.
  • Click Add to Gallery.
  • Add images,
  • Click Update Gallery.
  • On the Grid Gallery Screen click Update.

WordPress Gallery is a built-in feature of WordPress not the Grid Gallery with Custom Links. More info.


How do I get to show all images in one row?

The width of Grid Gallery with Custom Links is set to 100% of your content container. When the container is too narrow to fit all of the images in a single row, some of the images will be moved to the next line. To have more images in a single row, change image margins from default 20 to something smaller. See: Grid Gallery > Images Container – Left Margin.


Is it true that all images have to be of the same size for galleries to work?

No. Grid Gallery will work with images of different dimensions.  Since it’s a grid type layout it just looks best when images have the same size.


I’m getting the error message: "WordPress Gallery shortcode is missing. Please add WordPress Gallery to the Grid Gallery."

You need to add WordPress gallery to the Grid Gallery. See: Quick Start > Create WordPress Gallery and add images.


A gallery always aligns to the left. How can I center it?

There are a few ways to do it. The easiest ones:

1. Increase the left margin of the gallery container > Images Container – Left Margin.

2. Increase space between images > Image – Left Margin.

If you need further assistance please provide URL of the page you have a problem with.


How can I make the caption text size smaller?

Text properties of Grid Gallery captions are set in your Theme stylesheet. Caption 1 uses H4 tag. Other captions are rendered as paragraphs (P tags).

To change text size and other display properties you can add custom CSS. See: Customization > Custom CSS File.