How It Works

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links


1. Gallery Template

Gallery template gives you the full control over how and what data is displayed on your web pages. You can:

  • Select number of columns.
  • Set font sizes, margins and customize other visual elements.
  • Create data input fields.
  • Set order of fields.
  • Set order of grid items (images).

You can modify gallery template before and after publishing the gallery.

2. Gallery Items

You create a gallery by adding gallery items. To add the gallery item:

  • Select gallery template.
  • Select an image from WordPress Media Library.
  • Add captions.
  • Add hyperlinks.

Gallery item custom post has data entry fields (captions) you’ve created in the gallery template.

Use the gallery template to add or remove fields.

3. Gallery

To display a grid gallery on your website create a page or post and insert gallery shortcode into the content area.

The shortcode can be found in your template, under Shortcode tab.