Image Overlay

WordPress Plugin Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links – Image Overlay

For overlay to work properly on responsive images, image width needs to be equal to the image container width. Otherwise, the overlay will go beyond the boundary of an image.

How to Adjust the Image Container Width

Increase the left and right margins size as needed.
You can easily check dimensions of the image container with developer tools available in both Firefox and Chrome.

Overlay Captions

You can have the same text for all images or a different text for each image. You can have up to two captions per image.

  • Gallery Template > Image > Overlay Options
  • Gallery Item > Options > Overlay Options

Where to enter my captions? See: Caption Display Rules.

Caption Display Rules

  • Image caption will always overwrite a template caption.
  • No image caption > template caption will be displayed.
  • No image or template captions > overlay won’t be displayed.

You can mix and match image and template captions.