Quick Start

WordPress Plugin – Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

1. Create Gallery Template

  • Go to: Gallery Templates > Add New.
  • Enter template title.
  • Go to: Gallery Options > Gallery Template (Pro only).
  • Select the gallery type: Grid Gallery or Isotope Gallery.
  • Click Publish.

Number of columns and other visual options can be changed anytime.

2. Add Input Fields (image captions)

  • Go to: Input Fields
  • Select field type.
  • Click Update
  • Add field label and other options.
  • Click Update
You can add up to 10 fields. Free version has only one field: Single Line Text.
Selecting a field type is the most important part of the design process! Visual effects like fonts or margins can be modified anytime.
Once created the field type can’t be changed!.
Please make sure the field type will fit your requirements before adding any production data.
  • Go to: Gallery Items > Add New.
  • Enter item title.
  • Go to: Gallery Template (dropdown).
  • Select the template you’ve created in step 1.
  • Click Publish

4. Add Item Content

  • Select an image from WordPress Media Library.
  • Enter captions and other text.
  • Add hyperlink.
  • Click Update
The data entry form will show all the fields you’ve created in the template (Step 2).
  • Open the gallery template (from Step 1).
  • Go to: Gallery Options > Shortcode.
  • Copy the shortcode.
  • Create a new page or post.
  • Paste the shortcode into content editor.
  • Publish and preview.
  • Preview the page.