Staff List Template – Export

WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Staff List Template Export.

You can export and import Staff List Templates.
  • Move a template from development environment to a production server.
  • Copy the template to another site.
  • Back up staff template and store it offsite.

Export File Format

File format is hardcoded and can’t be changed.
  • Encoding:  UTF8.
  • BOM:  No.
  • Column Delimiter:  Tab.
  • Field Enclosure:  Double quotes ” ”.
  • Escape Character:  None.

CSV file columns

  • export_id
  • meta_key
  • meta_value
Export process creates CSV file that can be used directly by Staff Template Import.
CSV file will contain all template setting with exception of image placeholders. If your template uses this option, upload images and select them manually.