Staff Import – Quick Start

WordPress Plugin Staff List CSV – Staff Import – Quick Start.

Upload CSV file to WordPress Media Library.

1. Import Options.

  • CSV file to import. Select CSV file from WordPress Media Library.
  • CSV file format. Set Column Delimiter, Field Enclosure and other options.
  • Image URLs. See Image URLs for details.
  • Staff template. Select Staff List template to import the CSV data in.

2. CSV Preview.

  • Shows preview of the CSV file selected for import.
  • If file is not properly displayed, change file format settings (Import Options).
Do not proceed if CSV file is not properly formatted (displayed).

3. Field Mapping.

Field mapping, is the process of determining what CSV data you want to move into a particular Staff List field.
  • Left column: Staff Template fields.
  • Right column: CSV fields.
  • Post Title is required. Other fields are optional.
  • Fields are mapped not by a CSV column name, but by the column position.
  • If you add, remove or move a column, redo the mapping.

4. Import Preview.

  • CSV file is loaded into a temporary table.
  • Refresh the table.
  • Check records.
Always refresh the table and check records before going to the next step.

5. Categories.

6. Import.

staff-list-csv-import staff-list-csv-import-run
  • Import Staff Members.

7. Import Status

  • Records from the temporary table are copied to Staff List.
  • All records should have the Post IDs.
  • Check Staff Members. You should see all imported records.

To create a new import delete all records from the temporary table.