WordPress Plugin Staff List – Customization

Visual formatting of staff member records defaults to your theme styles. Paragraphs, headers and other HTML tags will use your theme’s CSS to style the output.

For example, if the stylesheet has a <p> tag styled as black, 18 pixel font with top margin of 20 pixels that’s how the text entered in the <p> tag will appear on the screen.

Easy way to customize Staff List content is to use field styles:

For full control over the visual aspect of your presentation you can add custom classes or inline styles. They can be added to section containers and individual fields.

Most of the customization involves fonts, margins and colors. To use those feature you need to be familiar with basic HTML and CSS. No advanced knowledge is necessary.

Built-in Custom Classes.

Staff List includes a set of most popular classes that can be used for fine tuning your presentation. They are listed under CSS headings.

Creating Your Own Custom Classes.

You can use site customizer to add your own CSS styles.