Staff Member

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Staff Member Post

Staff Member custom post contains the data of a single staff member.

Selecting a Template

The first step in creating a Staff Member record is to select a template.

  • Switching templates after you fill out the form is not recommended since it may cause the loss of data
  • Deleting a field from the template will also delete all data associated with it.
  • You can add new fields anytime.
  • You can change the field order anytime.

Post Sections

  • Staff Page. Text content of staff page item.
  • Single Page. Text content of single page.
  • Images. Images and link to a single page
  • Social Icons.
  • Options. Sort text and pretty permalinks settings.

Data Input Fields

The field order, field labels and descriptions are set in Input Fields section of the Staff Template.

Example of Single Line Text field:


Example of Hyperlink field:

Hyperlink requires two input fields: link text and link URL.