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WordPress Plugin Staff List – Multi Filter

Multi Filter Search

For more advanced records filtering you can use Multi Filter search. Live Preview.

  • You can add up to two search options.
  • Available options: Categories and AZ.
  • Paging can be added, but it will show up only on the pages displaying all records.
The search query uses AND operator to join the search criteria. In the above example we are looking for faculty members whose last names begin with D.
Category: Faculty AND Last Name: starts with D

How to Add the Multi Filter Search to a Page

  • Staff List > Multi Filters > Add New.
  • Multi Filter > Menu > Filter 1.
  • Select the filter type.
  • Save.
  • Staff Template > Template Options > Menu.
  • Select the multi filter menu.
  • Save.
  • Open the page for preview (the one you’ve added the staff shortcode to.)

Categories Filter

AZ Filter