Staff List Search – Filters

WordPress Plugin Staff List Search – Filters

Staff List Search extends the filtering capabilities of Staff List Pro by increasing the number of search fields and adding the new search options.

Filter Types

  • Categories dropdown.
  • A-Z dropdown.
  • Single field text search.
  • Multi fields text search.
  • Custom dropdown.
You can add up to to six filters per search form.
You can mix and match filter types.
The search query uses AND operator to join the criteria (filters).

Filter Options

Label – All Records #
  • Optional. Leave it empty if you don’t want to show all records.
  • To show all records enter some text e.g. All, Any, …
  • It’ll show as a default value – first item in a dropdown.
Field ID #
  • Field ID has to match your staff template field ID (F1, F2, F3…).
Field Type #
For most field types select Single Line Text.
For multipart fields select Multipart and field part.
  • Single Line Text.
  • Multipart.
  • Sort Text.