Staff List Table – Layout

WordPress Plugin Staff List Table – Layout.

Table Layout

You can customize most of the visual aspects of your Staff List Table.

Sorting by Column

When sorting by column is enabled, end users can click on the header cell, ordering the table by the data in that column. You can define a column the table will be sorted on initialization.

Table Header

Modify the default table headings to match the rest of your site. Font size, color and background color can be customized.

Table Content

Set the font size based on the available space and amount of presented data.  Default values will use your theme styles.

Table Container

You may want to wrap the table shortcode in a DIV element and apply your styles there or use table container styling options.
Table Container Width. By default the table will fill any page container it is put in. You can easily adjust this value as needed.
Table Container Top Margin. There is no default top margin. Add one if needed.
Valid formats: px, %. Example: 15px, 15%. Blank (no entry) = default value.