Staff List vCard – Plugin Extension

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – Overview.

Staff List vCard is a dedicated plugin extension for creating vCard or QR Code files based on your staff listing.
Staff List vCard is a free plugin. It will work with a free and premium versions of the Staff List plugins.
Staff List vCard extension won’t work in a standalone mode. Staff List or Staff List Pro has to be installed and activated.
There is also an option to create physical, self contained files in vCard or QR Code formats. When saved, the files can be used in any website.

Output formats


vCard is a text file format standard for sharing contact information.
vCards are stored in “.vcf” (Virtual Contact File) files. They usually contain name, address, telephone, email and photos.
The beauty of a vCard is that it can be electronically imported into your address book.

vCard QR Code

vCard QR Code is a data file similar to vCard but presented in a QR code format – matrix barcode image.
A barcode is a machine-readable optical label for use with mobile devices or scanners.
Usually, devices can recognize it and treat like a contact ready to import.

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