vCard Property – URL Website

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard – Property URL Website

vCard specification doesn’t provide a dedicated field for a website. Instead the URL property can be used. It can be included multiple times and consequently VCard is not limited to a single website.
URL – a URL pointing to a website that represents the person in some way.
RFC 2739 specification.
Purpose: To specify a uniform resource locator associated with the object to which the vCard refers. Examples for individuals include personal web sites, blogs, and social networking site identifiers.
All values are optional.
One of the URLs can be selected as preferred.
The property is indicated with the PREF parameter.
The value can be Personal, Work or empty.
An indication of the type of the website.
URL Static
Quite often, all staff members will use company’s website as their primary URL. This type of field is usually not added to the staff list template. You can use the static field option for that purpose.
Enter the URL to be included in all vCards.
Select one of the staff list fields that contain the required URL.
Property won’t be created if the mapped field is empty.