vCard QR Code Step by Step

WordPress Plugin Staff List vCard- QR Code Step by Step Instructions


  • Staff List Pro or Staff List free version has to be installed and activated.
  • Staff List Members records have to be created and populated.
Most of the steps will require the QR Code template to be saved (published, updated). This is a standard procedure and we won’t explicitly reefer to it.

1. Create QR Code template.

  • QR Code > vCards QR Code > Add New.
  • Add template title.
  • Select vCard version (3.0 or 4.0).
  • Select staff template from the dropdown.
These setting can’t be changed after you publish (save) the template.

2. Data mapping.

Data mapping – process of matching fields from source to target.
Meta box QR Code Properties is used for data mapping
Source: Staff List template.
Target: QR Code properties.
  • F and FN properties are required. Other properties are optional.
  • You don’t have to map all the fields, just the required ones. You can do the rest later.
  • Map the fields by selecting one of them from a dropdown.
  • The source field doesn’t have to be populated with data.
  • Empty fields won’t be included in QR Code output (image).
  • You can modify the mapping (add, delete, change) anytime, as needed.
Mapping example

3. QR Code Preview

You can verify your options and mappings as you keep working on your QR Code template.
  • QR Code image will contain data of the mapped fields.
  • QR Code Data section will show data in text format.
  • You can use QR Code Data to verify your mapping.
  • QR Code Preview hyperlink can be used to display QR Code image.
  • The image can to be scanned and tested on mobile device.
  • You can also download and save QR Code image as PNG file.

4. Wrapping up.

  • Map the other properties as needed.
  • Scan the image and preview the output on your mobile device.
At this stage your template is done and ready to be used for Staff List QR Code hyperlinks.

QR Code file download.

You’re not required to use QR Code on Staff List pages. You can simply download QR images as png files and use them in any other application.