AZ Menu

WordPress Plugin Staff List – AZ Menu

You can add AZ menu to select records by the first letter of the field content. Usually the last name field is used for that purpose.
AZ menu is available in Free and Pro versions of the Staff List plugin.
Live Preview Ajax option – Staff List Pro only.

How to create an AZ menu.

  1. Add a new menu. Staff List > AZ Menus > Add New
  2. Set up layout options.
  3. Add menu items.
  4. Add menu to a page.
Layout options
Margins, fonts and other visual options. Use custom classes to overwrite the defaults.
WordPress plugin, Staff List, menu layout
Menu items
  • As a filter, add comma delimited list of single characters. Example: A,B,C,D.
  • You can also add accented characters like: Ä, Ö, Ü Å, Ó, Ż.
  • Select the field to use for the search.
Records are filtered by the first letter of the search field content.
WordPress plugin, Staff List, az menu items
Menu shortcode
WordPress plugin, Staff List, az menu shortcode