Categories Menu

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Categories Menu

  • You can add a menu to filter records by staff categories.
  • To create a category: Staff List > Categories.
  • To assign a category to staff member: Staff member record > Staff Categories.
  • Staff member can have more than one category.
Categories menu is available in Free and Pro versions of the Staff List plugin.
Live Preview Ajax option – Staff List Pro only.

How to create categories menu.

  1. Add a new menu. Staff List > Category Menus > Add New
  2. Set up layout options.
  3. Add menu items.
  4. Add menu to a page.
Layout options
Margins, fonts and other visual options. Use custom classes to overwrite the defaults.
WordPress plugin, Staff List, category menu layout
Label – All Records – when left empty no show all records option will be added to the menu.
Show All as a last item – when checked, the all option will be displayed as the last menu item.
Items. Add category slugs. Category names will show up as item names.
Please see staff categories documentation, slugs section if your category names contain accented or non-Latin characters.
WordPress plugin, Staff List, category menu items
Menu shortcode
WordPress plugin, Staff List, category menu shortcode