Circular Images

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Circular Images

Rounded and circular images do not need any editing. They are created from standard pictures by CSS styling.
It’s fairly simple to apply the circular effect to your images. If you want to keep things perfectly round, use images with the same width and height (square). Anything else will still be rounded, but you’ll end up with an elliptic shape which may or may not be desirable.
example of circular images
Image dimensions WxH: 200×200 pixels.
example of oval images
Image dimensions WxH: 200×237 pixels.
Notice that the bottom image is more oval-shaped/oblong than the top one.

How to display images as circular.

Staff Template > Template Options > Image > Circular Image
  • No. Default. No changes, images will show up as is.
  • Staff Page. Displayed as rounded only on staff pages.
  • Single Page. Displayed as rounded only on single pages.
  • Staff Page + Single Page. Displayed as rounded on staff and single pages.
The above are global settings and can be changed anytime.
staff template, screen of circular image options