Create Single Page

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Create Single Page

How to create and publish a Single Page

  1. Go to: Template Options > Single Page – Options.
  2. Copy Single Page Shortcode. (1)
  3. Create a new page.
  4. Paste the shortcode into the new page content editor. (2)
  5. Publish the page.
  6. Open the page. You should see a blank page. (3)
  7. Copy page’s URL from the address bar. (4)
  8. Go back to Template Options > Single Page Options.
  9. Paste the URL into Single Page URL text box. (5)
1. Copy a Single Page Shortcode
2. Create a New Page. Paste the Shortcode into a Content Editor.
3. Publish and Open the Page.
4. Copy Page’s URL from the Address Bar.
5. Paste the Single Page URL into Single Page URL Text Box.

Single Page Hyperlinks

After completing the step 5 and saving the record the plugin is ready to build single page hyperlinks. Since links are optional, to show them on a staff page you have to activate this option. You can add both image and text hyperlinks.

Why a Single Page is Blank #

When you open the page directly it won’t show any content.
To populate it with data, the URL requires a query parameter:
You have to open a single page from a hyperlink created on a staff page. Such links will have the right format including query parameters pointing to individual staff records.