Custom Social Icons

WordPress Plugin Staff List Pro – Custom Social Icons

Creating Custom Icons

  • Create your custom icons in PNG format.
  • Icon file names must match the icons included in the plugin.
  • For required names see: plugins\abcfolio-staff-list-pro\images\48-70
  • Icon dimensions and other settings are up to you.
  • You don’t have to create all icons; just the ones you’ll need.
  • You can have only one set of custom icons.

Uploading Custom Icons

  • In your WordPress installation go to uploads directory.
  • Create folder abcfolio
  • Under abcfolio folder create subfolder staff-list
  • Upload the custom icons to staff-list subfolder.

Icons are installed in the update-safe manner. WordPress or plugin updates will not delete or overwrite your custom icons.


Selecting Custom Icons

  • Go to: Template Options > Social > Icons
  • Select: Custom.
  • You can switch between built-in and custom icons anytime.