Field Type – Address Multipart

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Field Type – Address

Field Parts

  1. Street Address.
  2. Extended Address (apartment or suite number)
  3. City (locality)
  4. State (region, province)
  5. Zipcode (postal code)
  6. Country Name
Field display format
 Static label (first line).
 Street Address Extended Address (secont line).
 City State Zipcode, Country Name (third line).
All fields are optional. Static label is not displayed if all address fields are left empty.

Staff Template > Input Fields > Input Field Labels

Field labels and descriptions are used only on data entry screen (staff members).
They are not not displayed on the front end.
You can use your preferred language for the labels and descriptions.

Staff Member > Staff Member Data > input field Address

Data entry field with your customs labels and descriptions.