Field Type – Drop-Down List

WordPress Plugin Staff List – Field Type – Drop-Down List

This type of the field prevents users from entering erroneous data.
Data entry: dropdown.   Output: text.
A dropdown has two attributes: Value (hidden) and Text (visible).
The Value and Text can differ or be the same.
When an item has been selected, only the Value will be saved and rendered on a page.
Creating a drop-down list.
Staff Template > Input Fields > Drop-Down List > List Items
WordPress plugin Staff List, field type drop-down, field options
First Item (1, 2)
  • Text and Value attributes can be different.
  • Both parts can be left empty.
  • The First Item is always added to a drop-down, even when both parts are left empty.
In most cases the Value is left empty. When item is selected no data will be saved.
If the field is required, populate both text and value.
Other Items (3)
Enter a text you want to show in a dropdown and saved as a field value.
  • Item Value and Text attributes will be the same.
  • When selected, the item Value will be saved as a field data.
  • There is no limit on the number of items.
Updating staff member record saves the dropdown value. Consequently, any template changes to the dropdown items won’t modify the saved data.
You can add new items but deleting or updating will require resaving all affected records.
Staff Member – Drop-Down List
Example how the field type Drop-Down List is rendered on staff member data entry screen.
WordPress plugin Staff List, field type drop-down, data entry screen